My Journey into Motherhood

I always wanted to be a mom,  when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I said "a mommy".  Little did I know how hard that would become.  I had been told most of my teen years into my early twenties that I was not able to have children.  Why? Because I had Epilepsy.

Well I was not going to take no for an answer, I had not let my disorder stop me before why should I let it now? In 2005 I got married to my best friend and love of my life Greg. He knew children where up in the air, he also knew I REALLY wanted kids.

After a year of marriage my seizures got a lot worse, we tried many medications that failed horribly. The doctors suggested brain surgery. What what what? For real? They are out of there minds right? Nope, they were quite serious.  So Greg and I discussed it and in 2007-2008 I underwent testing for brain surgery and brain surgery.  After a very trying two years I had a successful outcome. Six months later we got the okay to "try" and have a baby.

Fast forward a month and we found out we were pregnant with our miracle baby B. How awesome! We were so happy! We met with both a high risk OB and my neuro and the pregnancy went spectacular. He was born at 37 weeks and had some breathing problems (he stayed in the level two nursery for the most horrible nine days of my life).

Almost a year later we decided to get pregnant again. Two months later we are pregnant (a little scary honestly). Our next miracle baby E was born a little over a month ago now. Again born at 37 weeks she was perfect and was able to come home with us right away.

I (we) have been so blessed to have two beautiful healthy children, I couldn't ask for more. Well talk to me in a year, maybe I will want one more. ;) There's always more love to spread around in this family. :)

Well there is our happy family story (the short version)