About Me

About Musings of Motherhood
Musings of Motherhood started as a pet project derived from pure boredom and lack of human interaction from being a stay at home mom. During nap time I'd get on here and write away. This blog is about my life, people, and places.  On my blog you'll find things about my family, day to day activities, the "serious", and the not so serious, and occasionally a snarky post (we all have our days). I hope you enjoy reading my stories. 

About Samantha
I'm pretty much an average girl... who lives with epilepsy. You won't hear me talk about it in my blog, however, 3 years ago I had brain surgery to reduce my seizures. My husband, best friend, and love of my life who've I've been married for almost 6 years have been through a lot so far.  The one thing we have learned in all this is life's a roller coaster but the ups and downs teach us to stay strong and not so sane.

This leads me to introduce our two beautiful children, B {born in 2009} my smart, active, and handsome little man and E {born in 2011} my beautiful little princess.  I like to instill a sense of security on my blog and not use there real names. We also have a "old" dog named Bailey, she's officially getting annoyed by B and stays in "her" room most of the time. 

Our family resides in the Northshores of Wisconsin (NOT up nort there is a difference) where we live in a cute little house in a "small" town.  We enjoy going to the lake and the parks here. We also enjoy playing in the backyard and taking walks up and down the block (my son LOVES that).  

Enjoy the blog!!!